The NEAC established a new approach to awarding its Presidents’ Cup in 2014-15 in an effort to truly reflect the core values of NCAA Division III. In addition to calculating athletics success, which was the only factor taken into consideration when awarding the conference’s Presidents’ Cup in the past, the NEAC now also takes into account three additional criteria: academics, sportsmanship and community service.  

These three additional categories, along with athletics success, each have their own individual cup winners.  Each of the NEAC’s 12 full-member institutions were given a ranking based on their results from each category. The total rankings from all four categories are added together with the lowest overall score determining the NEAC Presidents’ Cup honoree. 

This approach to determine the NEAC Presidents’ Cup winner is the first of its kind across all 42 NCAA Division III conferences.

2018-19 Winners:

NEAC Presidents' Cup: Lancaster Bible College (Release)

NEAC Athletics Directors' Cup: Keuka College (Release)

NEAC Athletics Direct Reports' Cup: Lancaster Bible College (Release)

NEAC Senior Woman Administrators' Cup: Penn College (Release)

NEAC Faculty Athletic Representatives' Cup: Lancaster Bible College (Release)

2018-19 Full Results (PDF)

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