2019-20 NEAC Men's Cross Country Schedule

Date Team Event/Meet Place Links
08/30/2019 Penn St.-Abington Cairn Invitational NTS
  Penn College Misericordia Invitational 4th of 7
  Lancaster Bible Light Up the Night Invite NTS
08/31/2019 Cazenovia SUNY Poly Invitational NTS
  Gallaudet Howard University Labor Day Classic 5th of 5
  Keuka SUNY Poly Invitational 12th of 12
  SUNY Cobleskill SUNY Poly Invitational 3rd of 12
  Morrisville St. SUNY Poly Invitational 7th of 12
  SUNY Poly SUNY Poly Invitational 4th of 12
09/07/2019 Cazenovia SUNY Cobleskill Invitational NTS
  Keuka SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 11th of 11
  Lancaster Bible SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 4th of 11
  Penn College SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 6th of 11
  Penn St,-Abington SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 10th of 11
  Penn St.-Berks SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 3rd of 11
  Penn St.-Harrisburg Dutchmen Invitational 14th of 16
  SUNY Cobleskill SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 1st of 11
  Morrisville St. SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 7th of 11
  SUNY Poly SUNY Cobleskill Invitational 2nd of 11
09/14/2019 Cazenovia Rochester Invitational DNP
  Gallaudet Cardinal Classic 6th of 7
  Keuka Rochester Invitational NTS
  Penn St.-Abington Penn St.-Abington Invitational 6th of 9
  Penn St.-Berks Penn St,-Abington Invitational 3rd of 9
  SUNY Cobleskill Rochester Invitational 14th of 18
09/20/2019 Lancaster Bible Charger Invitational 3rd of 5
  PSU-Abington Charger Invitational 2nd of 5
  Penn St.-Berks Charger Invitational NTS
  Penn St.-Harrisburg Charger Invitational NTS
09/21/2019 SUNY Cobleskill Fred Pavich Invitational 7th of 22
  Morrisville St. Roberts & Wesleyan Invitational 13th of 19
  SUNY Poly Wildcat Classic 3rd of 6
09/28/2019 Gallaudet Hornet Harrier 20th of 20
  Keuka SUNY Geneseo Mike Woods Invitational 23rd of 24
  Penn College Cazenovia Homecoming Invitational 2nd of 8
  Penn St.-Harrisburg Messiah Invitational 3rd of 3
  Morrisville St. Cazenovia Homecoming Invitational 1st of 8
  SUNY Poly Mike Woods Invitational 16th of 24
10/05/2019 Lancaster Bible Paul Short Run 25th of 43
  Cazenovia Hamilton Invitational NTS
  Gallaudet Don Cathcart Invitational 14th of 15
  Keuka Hamilton Invitational NTS
  Penn St.-Abington Paul Short Run 42nd of 43
  Penn St.-Harrisburg Bud Smitley Invite 3rd of 6
  SUNY Cobleskill Mount St. Mary's Invitational 2nd of 17
  Morrisville St. Hamilton Invitational 6th of 9
  SUNY Poly Hamilton Invitational 5th of 9
10/12/2019 Lancaster Bible Desales Invitational 6th of 17
  Penn College Desales Invitational 7th of 17
  Penn St.-Abington Desales Invitational 11th of 17
10/19/2019 Cazenovia CCOC Championship NTS
  Gallaudet Hood College Open 13th of 15
  Keuka Gettysburg Invitational 25th of 28
  Penn College Gettysburg Invitational 22nd of 28
  Penn St.-Berks Gettysburg Invitational 21st of 28
  Penn St.-Harrisburg Gettysburg Invitational 26th of 28
  SUNY Cobleskill Fighting Tiger Invitational 1st of 2
  Morrisville St. CCOC Championships 3rd of 6
  SUNY Poly Oberlin Inter-Regional Rumble 6th of 28
10/25/2019 Lancaster Bible LVC Last Chance Run Fast Invitational 4th of 7
  Penn St.-Berks LVC Last Chance Run Fast Invitational 5th of 7
10/26/2019 Morrisville St. Hamilton Short Course Invitational 3rd of 3
  SUNY Poly Hamilton Short Course Invitational NTS
11/02/2019 NEAC NEAC Championship
11/16/2019 Keuka NCAA Division III Atlantic Regionals
  SUNY Cobleskill NCAA Division III Atlantic Regionals
  SUNY Poly NCAA Division III Atlantic Regionals
  Lancaster Bible NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals
  Penn College NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals
  Penn St.-Abington NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals
  Penn St.-Berks NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals
  Penn St.-Harrisburg NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals
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