Coaches have a tremendous influence over the young people in their programs and therefore have a tremendous responsibility in teaching and role modeling the highest principles of sportsmanship. The NEAC has long benefited from coaches who hold the valued educational principles of athletics in high esteem. This dedication is best demonstrated when coaches respond in a positive corrective manner to a student-athlete who is engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior. Coaches are our critical first line in educating and combating the negative messages often sent from other levels of athletics. It is recommended that coaches consider regularly providing positive reinforcement of appropriate displays of sportsmanship by players. This will serve to continue development of a team culture of sportsmanlike behavior. 


1. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of individual student-athletes and other members of the group while participating in NEAC sponsored/sanctioned events.

2. All coaches shall conduct their program in such a manner that emphasizes fair play and sportsmanship.

3. A coach’s behavior should reflect honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.

4. It is recommended that coaches put their sportsmanship standards in writing and distribute those to student-athletes during team orientation.


Unacceptable Conduct:

1. A coach shall not publicly criticize any player, coach, official, administrator or institution, either to the media or otherwise while representing their institution and the NEAC.

2. A coach shall not encourage or condone their own players to verbally or physically abuse other players, officials, coaches, spectators, administrators, or institutions.