“The relationship between fans and student-athletes is mutual. Not only can witnessing athletic events affect fans, fan behaviors can also influence athletic performance. However, it is often not in the way that most fans think (or hope). Fans want their behaviors at sporting events to matter. Indeed, they frequently view it as a responsibility to attempt to influence the outcome through acts of support such as cheering.” (Wann, Dolan, McGeorge, & Allison, 1994). 

Fans may have an effect on the game by simply attending. A student-athlete’s performance is different when there are people in the stands as opposed to when the seats are empty. Fans attending any athletics event at a NEAC institution are expected to behave appropriately towards student-athletes and officials, and should be reminded of our sportsmanship expectations by the announcer and by statements in the program. The host school has the responsibility of supervising and regulating spectator conduct. 

Cheerleaders, bands, and other spirit groups should add to the excitement and enjoyment of an athletics event in a positive and supportive manner by focusing on encouraging their own teams, recognizing good play by opponents, and showing respect for the opposition and the officials.


Fan Responsibilities:

1. Fans shall display courtesy and respect to opposing players, coaches, spectators and the officials.

2. Good play and sportsmanship shall be applauded.

3. Spectators shall respect the facility and all posted and announced rules and regulations.

4. Represent yourself and the institution you represent in a responsible and respectful manner.


Unacceptable Fan Behaviors:

1. Negative or heated verbal exchanges with players, coaches, officials, spectators, and event personnel.

2. Intentionally damaging property at the institution where NEAC events are held.

3. Use of profane language or obscene gestures.

4. Inappropriate behavior deemed disruptive, flagrant or potentially hazardous to players, coaches, officials, spectators, and event personnel.


Institutional Responsibility of Fans:

1. Institutions should meet with security personnel to ensure clarity of procedure to intervene in the event that fans need to be removed from the venue.