Basic expectations for all student-athletes are respect for one’s institution, sport, teammates, coaches, and opponents. Disrespect through taunting, baiting or obscene language is never acceptable, especially towards opponents or officials. Even at the most intense moments of competition, our student-athletes are expected to demonstrate self-control and discipline by walking away from difficulty. Regardless of the circumstances, NEAC student-athletes will always conduct themselves with integrity and good sportsmanship.

As highly visible representatives of the Conference and their institution, student-athletes must honor the responsibilities that accompany such a privilege by conducting themselves with dignity and class. They also must be mindful that their behavior is observed and emulated by many young people.


1. Each student-athlete shall be responsible for his/her own proper conduct on all occasions where he/she represents their institution and the NEAC.

2. Responsible behavior by each student-athlete implies conducting oneself with honesty, sportsmanship and decorum, befitting a high standard of ethics.

Unacceptable Conduct:

1. Any physical or verbal abuse of officials, opponents, coaches, spectator, or athletic administrators.

2. Intentionally inciting participants or spectators to abusive actions.

3. Use of obscene gestures or profane or unduly provocative language or action toward officials, opponents, coaches, spectators, or athletics administrators.

4. Theft or intentional damage to property of the institutions where NEAC events are held.